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Mill Corner Studios Price Guide 2015

Be Creative & Unique.

Custom made backing tracks by Mill Corner Studios, vocals, mixed and mastered starting from $300.00 per song.

Provide your own.

Using a provided backing track is a great way to be cost effective. Starting from $150.00 per song mixed and mastered for up to 7 songs.
(For more songs see "daily rate")

Daily Rate.

This is an extension of provide your own. Book the studio for $500 a day and you can record up to 8 songs a day using provided backing tracks or you own band/musicians.

Here is an example....

                                  10 songs        = $500 (1 day to record vocals)
                                                      $1000 ( 2 days to mix and master)
                                  Total for 10 track CD $1500.00

Hourly Rate.
Don't need your project mixed or mastered? Just want to record vocals or a monologue or a voice-over? You can hire the studio (including the Producer and Sound Engineer) for just $75 per hour. This puts you in charge of how much you pay!

Backing Tracks.
Quality, custom, full production backing tracks starting from $200.00 per song.
Great for your live gigs and functions.

Acoustic Guitar Demo's.
Do you have an original song but are not ready to record a fully produced album? Get an acoustic guitar backing with vocals, mixed and mastered starting from $80 per song.